Choosing the right fertiliser for your second cut silage

While the world copes with the current Coronavirus pandemic, farmers are getting on with producing our food in the most effective and efficient way they can. As we find ourselves in May, most farmers in Northern Ireland will harvest their first cut of silage for the 2020 season and thought will turn to growing second cut grass.

What is the best form of nitrogen fertiliser to use?

The SustaiN protected urea range of fertilisers is an ideal choice and offers farmers many advantages over traditional CAN based products. SustaiN is urea based, treated with a specific urease inhibitor to prevent nitrogen losses through volatilisation. That urease inhibitor is Agrotain® and it has been proven to perform on farm regardless of the weather conditions. This evidence comes from extensive trials around the world including locally by AFBI over a number of seasons. The AFBI research concluded that from a grass yield point of view Agrotain® treated urea performed “at least as well as CAN”.

Other benefits of using SustaiN to grow your grass this season include:

  • Higher nitrogen content therefore you require less tonnes of fertiliser and every time you fill your spreader/spinner you cover more acres. This time and labour saving can be invaluable at such a busy time of the year.
  • Range of products within including some with Potash and Sulphur to match off–takes and increase grass protein levels.
  • Improved nitrogen use efficiency and nitrogen uptake by your grass crop enables you to grow better grass, with improved quality attributes.
  • Reduced environmental emissions and losses means your nitrogen stays where you put it on your fields in your soil, so you can grow the grass you need.
  • Cost savings are expected by using SustaiN either in cost per unit of nitrogen, or savings in time and labour.

Many farmers have already been using SustaiN fertiliser for a number of years as their product of choice for all grass growth including for second cuts with great success.

Farmers like –

William Stirling in Cookstown, who is using SustaiN as part of his multi cut silage production system, is matching his second cut requirements, with a regular soil testing programme in place and the use of a combination of slurry and the SustaiN 36-0-8.5+S  get top quality cuts of silage.

Grass focused Broughshane farmer Thoburn McCaughey, who is achieving high grass yields and excellent silage protein levels using the SustaiN 38+ 17.5 SO3 product.

Others like Ivor Broomfield in Armagh and Raymond McKenzie in Benburb are continually impressed with the quantity and quality of silage they are making using products from the SustaiN fertiliser range.

One of the best advantages of SustaiN fertiliser for Ivor is the release pattern of the nitrogen. Ivor commented, “I’ve had no issues with my silage quality, I haven’t been bringing unused nitrogen back into the pit, which is a good thing. It means I’m getting full value from my N inputs”

Talk to your United Feeds representative today about how switching to SustaiN nitrogen fertiliser for your second cut requirements could be beneficial.

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