“SustaiN” – new name but same great fertiliser

The 2018 farming year will be remembered as one of most challenging weather wise for many farmers. From an extremely wet and prolonged winter with record snow falls to the mid-summer drought that created further difficulties for many. Are these the first tangible signs of Climate change? There is certainly an increasing concern within the farming industry regarding our climate and environment.

There is also undoubtedly growing pressure from external sources for the Agri-sector to increase sustainability and reduce farming’s carbon footprint.

Fortunately, one option farmers have at their disposal to become more sustainable is SustaiN fertiliser.

SustaiN fertiliser offers farmers a method of reducing their on-farm emissions, whilst maintaining their desired levels of productivity with cost savings on their nitrogen inputs.

“SustaiN really is a win-win option for farmers and the environment” were recent comments from Clarence Calderwood, Sales Manager with United Feeds who distribute the SustaiN range in Northern Ireland.

Clarence continued “As a way of reflecting this superior environmental profile, we are re-branding the existing fertiliser ‘KAN’ under the new name SustaiN.” “Same great product; just a different name and the forthcoming RUAS Winter Fair will see the launch of the new name.”

SustaiN fertiliser offers farmers a way of effectively reducing both their GHG and Ammonia emissions. AFBI research at Hillsborough over four consecutive seasons (2011 – 2014) has proven that the stabiliser technology used in SustaiN reduced GHG emissions by 73% compared to Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) and Ammonia emissions by 84% compared to Urea.

For the farmers currently embracing the technology and who are experiencing the benefits of KaN, we want to re-assure them that although there is a name change, the product formulation and manufacturing method remains the same.

Farmers can continue to rely on and trust that SustaiN is powered by Agrotain, the world leader in nitrogen stabiliser technology.