SUSTAIN – Protected urea

SustaiN is protected urea Nitrogen fertiliser.

Urea is treated with a stabiliser called Agrotain. Agrotain reduces volatilisation, ensuring the Nitrogen is available to fuel crop growth all season long.

Sustain (Agrotain) has been independently trialled by AFBI on both grassland and tillage. The trial results show that SustaiN yields are consistently as good as CAN, if not slightly better.

SustaiN is stable in the soil and has a lower carbon footprint than other Nitrogen fertilisers.

SustaiN reduces Ammonia emissions by 84%* and Greenhouse Gas emissions by 73%*.

*AFBI trials

For further details see our fertilser products, contact your local United Feeds Ruminant Nutrition Advisor or call 028 9075 9000.

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